Full Sail Prodigal Sun IPA

On a fine fall day in the not so distant past, I thought to open a bottle that glowed like the beautiful leaves on the trees around me… Full Sail Prodigal Sun IPA.  Part of their Brewmaster’s Reserve, I found this at Top Food about a month ago and have been waiting for the right time to open it up.

Their promotional material notes the following:


Available June to September. An aggressive IPA packed with a strong hop flavor and bitterness and a solid malt character. A pleasure to drink for hop lovers. Watch out for solar flares! Available in 22oz Bottles and Draught. ABV 6.2 % IBUs: 80

And my experience with it:


A particularly heady beer, it pours a festive color and shows you how excited it is about the season with its 2 inches of head.  The first smell brings you the obvious hops of an IPA… come to think of it, this beer proves that it is all IPA… not substitution.  Overall, the nose is clean, crisp, and a bit fruity.  This beer also tells you how excited it is with its taste.  Bitter hops assault you mouth in the beginning third of the drink, mellow out a bit through the middle, and then leave you right back with a bitter finale and finish.  It is one of those that gets you right on the roof of the mouth, which is interesting and a bit unique.

Through its excited nature, though, comes a beer that is a bit premature in everything it does… including the overall experience.  I was in love with this beer for about 2 minutes and 1/4 of the bottle and then it went flacid.  Middle of the Road for you, Prodigal Sun… catch you on the flip side.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road

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