Caguama Cerveza

Caguama Cerveza, (caguama = sea turtle) brewed by Cerveceria La Constancia, comes to us as the season is about to change for the worse… and I can’t think of a more fitting beer.  Ok… it wasn’t something that had to be spit out, but this cerveza is rough.  It is so rough, that the neighbor actually enjoys it… much love, Vinny.

A light lager that smells like cheap lager, tastes like cheap lager, and leaves you just feeling cheap all over.  My apologies to anyone out there that actually likes this beer… for many reason, my apologies.

A nearly unanimous cul-de-sac rating, Just Not Right.

JBB6 Rating: Just Not Right

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6 Responses to Caguama Cerveza

  1. dugpark says:

    Some good info from Tom over on our Facebook page:

    Got kinda curious about Caguama myself; did some googling. Tecate is brewed by FEMSA, which is a Mexican conglomerate brewer. They also make Sol, Dos Equis, Carta Blanca, and a couple other things. They might have been connected to Caguama before, not sure.

    Caguama is brewed by La Constancia in El Salvador. They pretty much do business within the borders of El Salvador, other than some int’l distribution. They’re owned by SABMiller, the south african brewery that’s owned Miller for a while. That’s probably where the odd palate of Caguama finds its way north, is through the Miller distro channels.

  2. JP Litch says:

    I actually disagree. I find this to be a far smoother cerveza than Corona. The shit with the turtle on it rocks.

  3. JP Litch says:

    And you need to try Kokanee and Kokanee Gold

  4. just mike says:

    okay i Live in West La near Lax and i recently did a review for this on a beer review show i have on youtube
    this beer tastes has a typical mexician lager smell slightly grainy even ceraly like corn flakes great carbonation its def a sessionable lager only thing is you have to be careful when you buy/store it because it comes in a clear bottle u def wanna keep it out of direct sunlight because it can skunk quickly

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