New Belgium Giddy Up!

This little tasting story starts with “The Belly” and his nose for news… I get a text the other day noting New Belgium Giddy Up! in their Folly Pack at Fred Meyer!  So I stop there after work and sure enough, a new beer from what of our favorite little breweries in CO. 

I still think the New Belgium Folly Pack is one of the best deals around, especially if you are looking for variety and I am guessing they are doing pretty good with it since they keep selling it… 🙂  So here you are with a review:

Giddy Up! has a mild espresso nose that might make a standard, run of the mill coffee beer, but the lemon gets in there and messes with it, creating a refreshing and less bitter beer than you might expect.  In fact, I would through this in the realm of very smooth with just a tinge of bitter.  You can taste the espresso right in the middle where it leads to a quick and clean finish.  The lemon has its final revenge in the back corners and sides of the mouth where you can’t help but savor it.

Overall a great little showing from New Belgium and potentially the most balanced of the coffee beers I have had this year.

JBB6 Rating: For the Win


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4 Responses to New Belgium Giddy Up!

  1. Chipper Dave says:

    Like their Old Cherry, this beer is found in their Folly Packs. I’ve yet to try this beer but have seen it on tap here around town in Fort Collins. Going to have to give this one a try for sure. Sounds wonderful.

  2. dugpark says:

    Some good stuff, for sure, Dave. Will have to keep an eye out for your tasting… 🙂

  3. J-Doggy D says:

    This stuff is great … it’s so crisp. At first you think it’s too filling but it’s just so good you fly through the bottles (be careful!).

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