Laughing Dog Brewing DogZilla Black IPA

Ok folks… looking for something a bit different?  Don’t look any further than Laughing Dog Brewing DogZilla Black IPA out of a little brewery in Northern Idaho.  I am a big IPA fan, I have been on a dark beer kick, and I grew up in Idaho (Parker, to be exact), so when this one was on the shelf at Malt & Vine the other day, I knew I needed to buy it to find out what it was all about… and I tell you I am happy I did!

This beer pours a nice slightly opaque dark brown with a good light colored head.  The nose smells earthy and just a little bit fruity as you swirl it around and really let the fragrance release.  The taste is sour and bitter on sides of tongue and you can really taste the hops and dark roasted malt mix right from the beginning.  The finish is relatively complex with the hops and the dark malts playing off of each other as their memories dwindle into the back of your throat. 

Overall, this unique brew worth trying and buying and potentially keeping for a special occasion if you can resist the temptation to drink it… 🙂

Good article at the Idaho Statesman. 

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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