Fischer Biere d’Alsace

Fischer biere d’Alsace – a big blowsy French amber with a neat line of tricks in the flip-top department that takes me back to lazy Friday afternoons sitting at the bar in the Gare du Nord, whiling away a happy hour or two waiting for the Eurostar in the company of a couple Pelforth, a copy of L’Equipe and half a pack of Gauloise. Ahh… good times they were, and this really does bring back some fond memories.

This Fischer is one of the first French beers I’ve come across here on the west coast in quite some time. With a golden amber glass in front of me, a lively head on display and a refreshingly biiter, almost astringent taste, I’m glad to have come across it. Nothing to get too excited about, but makes a nice fruity change – definitely worth checking out.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

Fischer Biere d'Alsace

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2 Responses to Fischer Biere d’Alsace

  1. Paul Denton says:

    Anyone know where I can buy this stuff in New England? I used to be able to get it all over Vermont and New Hampshire but it’s completely disappeared. It’s REALLY good.

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