Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

This may be one of the biggest stretches for winter beers, but I like the name and so I am keeping it in the category.  It really isn’t a traditional winter ale, but what can I say?  It has snow in the title… 🙂

Pours a golden orange, not quite as bright as the yellow snow I have seen in my history with the stuff, but not bad… I guess it would depend on what the snow painter had eaten the day before… anyhow, pours golden orange with a minimalistic head.  The nose is very hoppy, but in a very good way.  No complaints.  The body isn’t messing around.  The bottle says IPA and this beer delivers.  It isn’t trying to be anything it isn’t and just provides a very nice hop and bitter from start to a mildly complex finish.

The beer was also a good compliment to the bacon-wrapped turkey we had for dinner… 🙂 (picture below)

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

rogue-yellow-snow-ipa turkey

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