White Hawk Original IPA

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything from the Mendocino Brewing Company, but I really did enjoy the Eye of Hawk and the Red Tail I tipped back a little earlier in the year, and I had high high hopes for this fine-looking bottle of IPA that I picked up in my new beer emporium for Thanksgiving.

White Hawk delivers a truly handsome glass of ale, with a smidgen of fruit, a huge mouthful of pepper and a sweet malt body peeping out from behind an intense blend of Cascade and Fuggles hops. Pours a beautifully rich, deep amber with a grapefruit nose that you can smell a mile off and a rocky cloud of head that keeps it’s shape throughout the glass. Those hops really kick in as you’re enjoying this delicious drop of beer, leaving you with a long, refreshing and very satisfyingly bitter finish.

While it doesn’t really have as much in common with the “truly authentic English flavor” that Medocino would have you believe, White Hawk is a fine and delicious example of the American IPA style. Highly recommended, as my old friend Jerry Pournelle would say.

JBB6 Rating: For the Win

White Hawk IPA

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