Dick’s Dick Danger Ale

Been on a tasting kick lately!  Dick’s Dick Danger Ale happens to be next on the list!

This is an interesting offer from Dick’s… as it pours, it looks like root beer, its nose is half malt half hop, it has a nice frothy head and a malty body… the finish is short and crisp.  As I read up about it on their website, even their explanation is interesting:

“The result is a highly drinkable dark ale which bridges the gap between pale and porter.”

Even with it being in an interesting position on the beer chart, that can’t overcome the fact that I wanted it to live somewhere… I wanted it to make up its mind and pick something… as it is, it kind of lives in limbo and its claim to fame for me is simply that it is interesting.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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