Dick’s Irish Style Ale

Another little ditty from Dick’s Brewing company, Dick’s Irish Style Ale.  As you can probably tell, I am making my way through a backlog of beer in the fridge and I had a bunch of Dick’s lined up that have been just sitting there after I bought a variety pack from Top Foods many months ago.  So here is the latest!

Overall just kind of a myeh beer… as you 0pen it up, you get hops and malts in the nose and body… nothing to write home about… you get a sweet finish, and then this beer is done… this Dick’s definitely leaves you unsatisfied. 

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


About dugpark

A big fan of beer for quite some time now... I just want to share my tastes with my friends and family... enjoy.
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2 Responses to Dick’s Irish Style Ale

  1. Mike Pearce says:

    I find Dick’s beer to pretty good to my palate, but their poorly designed labels make me cringe.

    • dugpark says:

      Here here! Their labels, while trying to be different, don’t really match with today’s audiences, IMO. I think they should look at revitalizing a bit… see if it makes a difference.

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