Hercules Double IPA

From the Great Divide Brewing Co., a pint of Hercules is apparently “not for the faint of heart. It is, however, for the gods.” Easy enough for them to say, right? A little harder for prove – to save you the Augean effort, it took it on myself to save you the bother, and cracked open one of these bottles to check the claim that it “delivers a huge amount of hops from start to finish. Its hefty backbone of nutty, malty sweetness balances its aggressive hop profile.”

Well, hoppy it was – a decent pour, a reasonable dose of hops, and indeed a fairly strong malt backbone to hold things together. Sitting by my log fire, roasting some chestnuts and with the snow falling outside this did indeed hit a pretty sweet spot.

However, I’m not sure it was up to the knock-your-socks-off hoppiness of the Sculler’s I had earlier in the day, so while this may indeed have been a Winner of a Gold Medal at the Australian International Beer Awards 2007, a Silver at the same contest in 2008 and been nominated as one of the “World’s 50 Best” at the International Beer Challenge 2006 – it really didn’t hit those heights for me.

Still – really not at all bad, and certainly one I can’t judge by just one tasting, so almost certainly this is.. one I’ll buy again. 

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

Hercules IPA

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