Sculler’s India Pale Ale

I love it when I come across a decent local brewery, and although the Skagit River Brewery isn’t all that close, it ain’t exactly at the other end of the the earth either. Luckily for me, their IPA at least is available in a bunch of stores nearby, and a good thing too – for this is a beer I’ll be stocking up on.

A golden honey orange pint with a noble head and a robust hop kick you can smell coming from a mile off sets the scene for an enjoyabley complex experience. Not the bog-standard Northwest IPA, the brewers up in Mount Vernon have ladled in the malt to create a fairly complex IPA that delivers the goods with a definite hint of grapefruit and a longer, deeper pepper finish that kicks in three-quarters of the way down the glass. You’ll definitely know you’ve drunk something bitter after this, the lingering finish leaves you with a tickle in your throat and the need for some more. Plenty more.

Probably a good choice for a session beer, Sculler’s IPA is one I’ll be checking out again.  

JBB6 Rating: For The Win

Sculler's IPA

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