1809 Berliner Weiss

Had another tasting at “The Belly’s” house the other night and this is one that I decided to bring out to compare against the rest of the crew.  In retrospect, it was an interesting one to throw into the lot, maybe, but it is what it is… and so here is the review of Weihenstephan‘s 1809 Berliner Weiss… although you can’t find it on their website…

Like a white beer, this one pours light and cloudy with a very yeasty nose.  It is very mellow, which I was super surprised at… With the nose what it was, I thought this would hit me hard with the belgian yeast, but in the end, it just kind of hangs out.  We tried it with some of the other food pairings that we were tasting with that night but to noavail.  Nothing would bring out any more taste… not from the sweet side or the sour side.  By the end of the bottle, “The Belly” and I agreed that this was a very so-so beer.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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