Fish Tale WinterFish Ale

A good solid beer to bring in the new year… Fish Brewing Co. brings us another fine ale from their line, the Fish Tale WinterFish Ale.  In a night where the beers were competing with New Belgium La Folie, this one actually stood out against the rest. 

The first notable about this beer was the nose… it was a beautifully fragrant hoppy nose that just pleased the nostrils something fierce.  As “The Belly” noted, “I could snort that beer.”  The body was fruity and there were hints of orange on the tongue and the hops… outstanding use of them in every way.  This belly warmer (7%+ ABV) was great from start to finish.  We particularly enjoyed pairing this with some home made fundge that “The Belly” had cooked up the day before.  The sugary fudge and this hoppy brew were perfect compliments.  This one won’t dissapoint!

JBB6 Rating: For the Win



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