Rogue Old Crustacean Barleywine Style Ale

I always love the big Rogue bottles… this one is no exception and I thank Dave for saving me some of this brew for a tasting.  Rogue Old Crustacean Barleywine Style Ale has oft been spotted by my keen eye but I have passed it buy each time… not really sure why, but I finally had a chance to taste.  This one is strong… very strong and it has a bit of a sourness to it.  The hops dominate for sure but they lay into it more like an IPA than a barleywine, in my opinion.  The pour is dark brown and cloudy near the bottom with a clean finish.  At the end, the beer wasn’t bad but it wasn’t something I will seek again.  I would definitely drink it if you put it in front of me, though. 🙂

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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