Widmer Brothers W’09 Belgian Style Ale

Had to hold off for a few days from blogging to revel in the interview we were lucky enough to be able to conduct with Rob Widmer but it is now time to get back to business.  Pretty fitting to start with Widmer Brothers W’09 Belgian Style Ale, then, don’t you think?  I do and so here we go…

Noticed this at Fred Meyer in Issaquah and had, of course, to have a bottle.  I did drink this out of the bottle, so if drinking it out of a glass changes anything I will let you know. 

This beer has a very slight yeast in the nose. The color is golden yellow, definitely filtered. It is a bit heavier on the hops than I am used to for a belgian style, but it kind of makes sense after talking with Rob and seeing how much they like hops in their neck of the woods. 🙂  Overall the finish is pretty clean and short lived.  Here is what they have to say about it on the bottle:

“Our take on a classic Belgian style golden ale. A uniquely Belgian aroma and spicey flavor created by a generous adition of hops.”

At 6.5% ABV this isn’t a lite beer but the color, taste, and finish are… overall a beer that you could drink quite easy but one that doesn’t stand out, IMO. 

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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