Victory Hop Wallop Ale

Been a little remiss on the blog due to travel (Manila, Philippines), but back in action.  Will have a quick review on some San Miguel in a night or two.

As far as this little 8.5% brew goes, though… I liked Hopdevil a lot and remember it was a hoppy SOB… this one, though… Victory may have taken it to the next level… This beer looks hoppy, smells hoppy, drinks hoppy, and finishes hoppy. There isn’t any messing around, it just comes at you from start to finish. Even doing a little mouth-breathing after the swallow brings lingering hops on the taste buds! Wicked hoppy but nicely done… enough to make it easy to drink. Just be in the mood for hops when going after this one… 🙂

“Hoppiness is happiness”… enjoy!

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

hop-wallop-ale hop-wallop-legend


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