Hair of the Dog Adam

I am lucky… you will have to see my next Hair of the Dog post to understand why, but this one has to come first. 

Hair of the Dog Adam is a dark pour with a big ol’ head.  The nose is oaky and I know the label says it, but it really does taste of a time in the past… a time gone by when the bison roamed the plains and the deer and the antelope played… err… something like that.  This little brew has a complex aftertaste with the full tongue getting some play.  A clean body, not nearly as in your face as you would expect, leads to a very balanced 10% ABV beer.  There is definitely a bitter/sour taste at the back of the throat and at the tail end of the finish… quite interesting.   Overall, it drinks like it is cask aged and really goes good with chocolate.  Batch 72 scores!

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

hotd-adam hotd-adam-head


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