Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam From the Wood

As noted in my Hair of the Dog Adam post, this is why I am lucky… 🙂  This one is pretty exclusive… not many folks get their hands on this stuff (and there is no page for it on their website), so I consider myself priveledged and humble to have had it in my home and body.  Even the Hair of the Dog website notes the small quantity:

Anniversary Dock Sale
The 15th Anniversary Sale will feature the release of a new batch of Fred from the Wood, 2008 Doggie Claws and a small amount of Cherry Adam from the Wood. Come join me and my family to celebrate another year. I will have shirts, hats, and some vintage Beers available as well.

So I didn’t take this one lightly at all and here you go… the smell is tangy and spirited at 10% ABV. There is nearly zero carbonation and head.  The body is super, super smooth with what I would almost describe as ending up like a beer-wine… deep and dark with red fringes on the edge as the light catches the brew in the glass, the cherry is subtle but obvious and the overall presentation is regal.  The finish is slightly tart but just enough and not too little… this is truly a special beer, not only in availability but in all other aspects as well.

JBB6 Rating: Hall of Fame (pending 2nd opinion)


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2 Responses to Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam From the Wood

  1. Shea says:

    You bastard! I can’t believe you got that! Sounds awesome. I’m curious what you think of Russian River’s bottle conditioned brews. Can you get those up there?

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