Pyramid Rollick Amber Lager

Ahhhh Pyramid.  One of those breweries that has so much potential but I just don’t see them taking advantage of it too much… maybe until now… I have to admit that when I saw the label on this one I was surprised… it sure didn’t follow the traditional label style, opting for an edgier version but keeping clever with they Pyramids smartly designed in.  Of courese I had to buy some and here you go… Pyramid Rollick Amber Lager (nice work on the new site!): this is a sneaky lager… a golden body (see below) with an earthy nose that drinks clean and light.  There is a slight lager aftertaste but offset by the balance of malt and hop that they used. This 6.0% ABV beauty actually isn’t bad at all.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again 


Of course, I have been on a pairing kick lately and so I figured we could start using the DugPo Rating System to get some of our pairings up here.  This time around it is Beecher’s Flagship Cheese.  Beecher’s comes to us from Seattle and is probably one of my favorite local cheese makers although I haven’t branched out that much yet.  Their Marco Polo and No Woman are outstanding if you get a chance to try them.  This one is a slightly sharp, creamy but dry white cheddar that crumbles just a bit as you cut through it with the knife.  It is still creamy enough to stick, though and is super smooth and easy as it heads down the gullet.  This paired really well with the Rollick and mellowed out a few of the edges without compromising the taste. 

DugPo Rating System©: For the Win (cheese)


rollick-glass beechers-flagship


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