Southern Tier Imperial Gemini

Our second lovely brew from the folks of Southern Tier Brewing Company… Southern Tier Imperial Gemini.  These folks have an impressive beer list… nearly 30 brews of varying release cycles.  Some of them sound really, really good… so off to Malt & Vine I shall have to go, I think.  Anyhow… we tried this interesting blended brew the other night and immediately fell in love.  The blend produced a wonderful light straw color with enough unfiltered goodness to look a bit like yellow, pulpy orange juice.  The nose was really nice… fruity, smelling of peaches, I smelled it for almost longer than it took to drink.  The taste was mild hops and a bitter finish with a feel of American IPA at its core.  The blend does mellow it out, though, making this really nice to drink or chew through.  Nice job!

JBB6 Rating: For the Win



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