Big Sky Brewing Ivan the Terrible

As I pulled up to the house the other night, there were the neighbors and my family enjoying a rare bit of warm spring sunshine, drinking brews and relaxing… I love coming home to that and thought it a special enough occassion to break out what I hear is a special brew… Big Sky Brewing Ivan the Terrible Imperial Stout (number 625 of 1152).

I have heard a lot about this beer and Beeradvocate gives it an averaged A-, so it has to be outstanding, right?  Um… right?  Don’t dismiss me and call me a charlatan, but I just don’t see it.  This time I actually wasn’t alone, either.  “The Belly”, Mr. Dave, and Miss Katrina all agreed and helped me feel a bit more validated (vs. violated like normal). 🙂  The beer pours an impressive dark sludge, looking like molasses with little caramel bubbles floating lazily near the top as everything settles.  A small little tan head forms and it all looks nice and dandy.  So we sit and sniff to see what we can find… and we sniff… and, well, not much… relatively underwhelming.  But hey… not all beers are super fragrant, so can’t hold that against it yet.  On to the taste!  First taste has to be dismissed after not having anything for a couple of hours… so that one is shrugged off and into the meat of it… and… well… just… ok… really just ok.  You can taste the roasted malt and a bit of the hard stuff… but that is it.  As you drink, it doesn’t liven up, it just stays flat and relatively uninteresting, teasing you, giving you googly eyes, but then sneaking out after you think it just went to powder its nose… you know it will never be the one to satisfy you.  Oh Ivan… I wanted you to be the one… I really did, but alas… you have failed me…

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road




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One Response to Big Sky Brewing Ivan the Terrible

  1. The Belly says:

    Anytime you need to be violated, or validated let me know…

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