Shiner 100 Commemorator

From the web site, this brew was created in honor of Shiner’s centenial year.  Shiner 100 Commemorator takes the doppelbock style and sends it on an interesting spin.  At 6.7%, it isn’t super powerful but it comes to you pretty solid anyhow.  The nose is light and malty with a taste that is similar but definitely portrays a sweetness to it.  It is dark and reminds me of some of the dark lagers that I have had.  All agreed that it isn’t a bad brew but maybe not 100 years worthy… but hey, we all were able to drink easy and figure this is just a good non-commital brew.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


“The Belly” and Mr. Dave came up with some creative photography for this one in honor of the event…



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4 Responses to Shiner 100 Commemorator

  1. Tom Hoover says:

    This IMHO, is the worst beer I have ever had, perhaps with the notable exception of Aegean. I bought it a month or two back and wound up dumping 5 of the 6 bottles down the drain (I know, mortal sin!). I like a wide variety of beer and I am willing to try anything, but this tasted like detergent. Love your blog none the less, keep up the good work!

    • dugpark says:

      I hate it when a beer hits you like that. It didn’t hit me with such a powerful repulsion, but I have had it happen in the past… 🙂 Thanks for the kudos and come back and see if our views are any more in line with future/other brews… 🙂


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