Squatters India Pale Ale

I was so excited to see this at La Tienda (see more of a reference here) on our way to Utah that I picked up a sixer… we brought it all the way to the in-laws and had a bit of some the first night on our marathon drinking session… because of this, though, I didn’t trust my tasting so had another today and that is what I am basing my review on… we try to be unbiased and untainted… really. 🙂

First off, this is not your typical IPA… The site (Squatters IPA) notes that it is balanced, has won metals in the IPA category, etc. but I just don’t see it.  There are so many great IPAs out there… I wouldn’t put this one at the top… I do have to give props of course… these folks have it rough living where they live and brewing where they brew… that almost gives them bonus points but there are no bonus points in beer drinking, so sorry folks.

As this brew pours, it pours a cloudy light orange color with a medium head… the nose isn’t super strong, isn’t standard IPA, and I have a rough time pulling anything out of it… maybe a bit fruity but I have to really search for it.  The body is mild, as well… at 6% it doesn’t taste like it and the hops just don’t hit like normal hops do… which leads to the finish that lingers a bit, drifting in a melancholy fade into nothing.  Overall, this is a strange brew… it has the hints of being a normal IPA but just misses the mark in the wrong direction… too mild and too middle of the road.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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2 Responses to Squatters India Pale Ale

  1. Carson says:

    The arrival of Squattar’s IPA in La Tienda has been very exciting for me; it is one of my favorite Utah beers. I was wondering if you had any information on the possible arrival of Guinness’ 250th Anniversary Stout in Utah or La Tienda. Other states like Idaho seem to have these specialty beers earlier than Utah typically does, and La Tienda rocks! Thanks

    Here is a link to a blog on the stout:

    • dugpark says:

      I haven’t seen anything about the new Guinness, but you should check with your local liquor store and see if their distributor can hook you up! That seems like the only way you really get that kind of beer in Utah. For La Tienda, I would recommend the same… have them check with their distributor. Thanks for reading!

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