Wasatch Winterfest

Yes, I am still catching up on the beers we tasted while in Utah/Idaho.  This one, Wasatch Winterfest, was another of the Liquor Store brews coming in at 7.1% ABV.  It poured a dark amber with a big, thick head… almost like that of a rootbeer float if you pour the rootbeer over the icecream.  Pretty cool.. actually.  The nose smelled of bitter hops and a little malt leading to a body of smooth maltiniess with the hops as the undertone this time… quite an interesting role-reversal.  You could taste a bit of caramel in the body in the begining of the taste but that is where this one stopped for me.  The last half of the taste and the finish were both kind of blah… just nothing there.  It was like a great movie that just didn’t know how to end… so it was forced, short, and left you feeling unsatisfied.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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