Brouwerij Drie Horne Bananatana

Bananatana Beer (can’t find official brewery page), not to be confused with BananaTana, may just happen to be the funkiest beer we have reviewed on the blog… as it notes at the link, it changes each year depending on the whim of the brewer and this year, it has gone to the fruit for sure.  As it pours out of the bottle, you can already smell the banana… sweet, sweet banana… the color is orange/yellow with obvious and large chunks of sediment/fruit? in it.  This cloudy brew produces a nose that demands attention and leads to a body that… well… isn’t beer.  Really… there were many of us tasting and this isn’t beer this year.  It is alcoholic, for sure, but not beer.  You do get the banana, though, so if that is what they were shooting for they get a medal there.  The finish is a little sweet and sour, leaving me with the feeling I just had a banana laffy taffy… not bad, actually. 

The final take on this beer is that it is weird.  Great nose, weird body, candy finish.  I can honestly say this was nothing like any of us had ever tasted.  Worth a one time tasting, IMO… maybe worth buying again to see how it changes, but not worth buying again to enjoy as a solid ale IMO.

JBB6 Rating: Creates Its Own Category



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  1. The Belly says:

    I think it does create a new category, below “Not even for free”, like “maybe if you pay me”…

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