Russ Sumpter Oaked Porter

Not going to say where or how, but Mr. Dave and I were able to taste some special home brew the other night.  Russ Sumpter, Mr. Dave’s car sales guy just happens to be a home brewer and kind enough to share.  So, here you go… good enough to post, Russ! 🙂 

Russ has done something pretty unique here.  First, he is oaking is brews… nice work in and of itself.  Second, his oaked brew tastes good!  Now that those to are nailed, lets get to the taste.  The nose did it for me… i could have kept smelling it and smelling it… the brew poured nice and dark, but I didn’t even think about it much as the nose just took over… very unique, it smells sweet but not over the top… a bit like chocolate chip cookie dough but in a really nice way… the oak and the porter mixing in a very different way.  The body is sweet and much less complex but still sails right down the gullet with no complaints here.  The finish is very short and light on the tip of the tongue, keeping it like a first date with just a hug at the door… you know you want more and you go right back for seconds as soon as you can.

Russ, nice work on this one… very tasty and we would love to taste more!

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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