Russian River Pliny the Elder

Another one of those that I am not waiting for Po on… this one goes straight to the JustBeer Blog Hall of Fame… I dare you to say otherwise!  Russian River Pliny the Elder has a sweet and fruity nose and pours a light orange/amber color.  The body is more mild than I would have thought… but really, really nice… smooth at the beginning with hop flavor growing as the taste continues down the throat.  The finish is smooth and mild as well.   Overall a really approachable IPA that has gone down the delicate side of IPA instead of the in your face style that a lot take.  Because of this, though, I find Pliny striking a near perfect balance of the style… it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Also worth taking the time to check out the story behind the name on their web site (linked above).  Pretty cool.

JBB6 Rating: JustBeer Blog Hall of Fame



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3 Responses to Russian River Pliny the Elder

  1. Shea says:

    You are on a roll. Russian River is perhaps my favourite California brewer, and that’s saying something given the likes of Stone, Lost Abbey, etc. etc.

    Beer to try from RR: Damnation 23, Consecration, blind pig.

    • dugpark says:

      We had a hell of a night when we tasted all of these. May be one of the best nights ever! Thanks for the recommendations. I think I can get all of those up here and need to bite the bullet.

  2. Mike Leis says:

    I live in Louisville Kentucky and would like to know the nearest State, or City I could purchase Russian River Pliny the Elder.


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