Redhook Slim Chance

I think I might know why I didn’t get to preview this one… 🙂 Sorry Redhook, but I am definitely not a lite beer drinker and this is the reason… Slim Chance tastes like a lite beer… if this didn’t, I might like it… but it tastes like a lite beer… maybe even more like a lite beer than some of the other lite beers I have had and so… it isn’t up my alley.

Pours a pee yellow with a big bubble, frothy head… coincidence? Not sure, but the nose actually isn’t bad… a bit sweet and lite… like it is supposed to be. The body is where it gets you. Nearly driving me to that bitter beer face, this one hits you in the middle of the mouth like a tone of bricks. Finish lingers too long and leaves you doing that mouth smacking thing where you are basically trying to wipe the taste off the top of your mouth with your tongue.

I love you Redhook, I really do… you send me free beer and give me cool insight into what is going on. But I can’t, in good conscious, give this beer anything better than a Just Not Right… I am sure there are those that like it… just don’t count me in that number.

JBB6 Rating: Just Not Right



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