Trade Route Lime

From the brewery formerly known as Laughing Budha, Trade Route Brewing Company presents their spring ale, Infidel Lime IPA.  For more information on the name change, check out the article on Beer Northwest.  Name change or not, though, they have done a pretty good thing here with this light and refreshing IPA.  Here’s to hoping they keep ’em coming.

Infidel Lime IPA pours a light copper color with a medium head.  There is a bit of lime and a bit of hops in the nose and the body… “The Belly” notes much stronger lime influences than I do, though, so maybe he is just more finely tuned to citrus… who knows, but either way this is a good take on the classic IPA style, giving just enough variation to be interesting.  Finish is nice and bitter and eases you right into your next drink.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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One Response to Trade Route Lime

  1. The Belly says:

    I really like this beer. The lime compliments the IPA very well. For me this was for the win.

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