Ice Harbor Sternwheeler Stout

Second stout of the night… Ice Harbor Sternwheeler Stout out of Kennewick, WA brings some interesting flavors with it.  Seems to me like they may have tried to balance this one out too much with the two-row barley leaving it a bit on the lighter side… It doesn’t taste bad, but it just doesn’t have that truly roasted stout flavor that is the default character of the style.  The pour is dark, the head is short, the nose is light on the roasted malts.  The body is light for a stout but it is nice and clean.  The finish is a little too light, as well… nothing really lingering to remind you that you just had a nice hearty stout. 

Overall this isn’t a bad stout… definitely worth buying, but it is a little too light for the style, keeping it from the higher echelons of the rating scale.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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