Southern Tier jah*va Imperial Coffee Stout

Southern Tier jah*va Imperial Coffee Stout is my second coffee beer of the night although this one is a stout vs. the porter from Midnight Sun. Oh… and this beer is twice the beer of the other, as well, at 11% Imperial ABV vs 5%.

Right off the bat it pours a dark, viscous glass with a dark tan head that is thick and slow forming. the head recedes relatively fast but leaves some legs up the side of the glass.  The nose isn’t very strong in the java department… more ABV and fermentation than the actual Jamaican Coffee it is touted to have infused. on to the taste… light and smooth, this one comes at you with some of the ABV on the tip, but it isn’t balanced… it has a clinical taste to it, causing me to do a bit of a check 1, check 2… actually I am going to let it warm up a bit and come back to it…

Started at 43.5… suggested at 49… and that is where I drank it the second time around. This time… not much better, to be honest.  Still a very light brew with little that brings out the coffee or even the chocolate or black malts… fairly dissapointing.  The ABV is the only redeaming value.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road


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