Redhook Tripel Belgian-style Ale

And now… the moment we have all been waiting for… drumroll… the official tasting of the Limited Release Redhook Tripel Belgian-style Ale!!

We have been on a bit of a Belgian-style trip lately in the ‘sac so this brew fits right in with where our mindset is at.  As noted on Oh Happy Day #7 – Redhook Tripel Belgian-style Ale, the bottle is sweet and the glass they sent it with is just as sweet, so had to do the official tasting with it. 🙂

Straight off the bat, on the pour, you can start to smell the belgian yeasts… not too in your face… definitely there, though.  The color is copper (12 – 14 SRM or so) and the head is brilliant white.  The brew drinks really nice and smooth in the front… surprisingly so, and the yeast is just in the background throughout the body.  The finish is sweet, definitely not dry, and leaves just a slight bitterness.  The mouthfeel is smooth and light with a medium-high carbonation. 

Overall, this is a really solid and approachable Belgian-style ale.  Especially with 10.2% alcohol, the aroma is strong but the body is nice and easy and it is gone before you know it.  A solid outing from the folks at Redhook!

JBB6 Rating: For the Win



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