Midnight Sun Monk’s Mistress

A new brewery… or at least one that has now gone mainstream, welcomes itself to the blog… Midnight Sun Brewing Company brings a couple of treats to us, compliments of Malt & Vine.  This particular brew, Monk’s Mistress or La Maitresse du Moine, just happens to be a big 11.5% ABV dark belgian… hmmm tasty.

As far as the tasting goes, they hit the style pretty square, and definitely on the dark side.  A great big head leads to a nose that brings forth spices… ginger and clove, allspice as well.  the 11.5% ABV is there, in the body, but you really can’t taste it at all.  The  dark body lends itself to a clean dark finish, leaving you fully satisfied with this take on the style.  Overall a pretty tasty brew from the new guys.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again


About dugpark

A big fan of beer for quite some time now... I just want to share my tastes with my friends and family... enjoy.
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