Sierra Nevada 12th Release Harvest Ale

Sweet sweet wet hop Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale, hallowed be thine name… thy beer come, down my gullet… to rest in my warmed belly. 

This super-solid brew uses a style of hopping where they don’t dry or turn the hops into rabit food, but they actually bring it fresh from the plant and throw it in their batches of beery goodness.  This gets the most out of the hop and doesn’t allow any of the juices or flavors escape… similar to picking herbs straight out of the herb garden.  In this instance, it does the body good and brings forth an amazing brew that hits you just like it should in all the right places. 

Clean, hoppy nose leads to a refreshing dose of hoppy goodness in the body and finish… really hits throughout the drink, so you don’t have to think about where and when the hops were used, but they are just omnipresent… always with you from soup to nuts.  The nice thing about this brew, though, is that they aren’t trying too hard… at 6.7% ABV, this isn’t some huge hopped up mess like the guy at the gym who is living on ‘roids… no… this brew is ‘roid free and just heavy enough to keep it interesting, but light enough to not question the doping. 

Overall a super solid brew that balances the hops perfectly from start to finish.  Wet hopping FTW!

JBB6 Rating: For the Win



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