Broughton Ales Black Douglas

On my last trip to Malt & Vine, I actually had the chance to share a bit of my passion/hobby with my wife and she happened to spot this little beauty.  “Have you tried Black Douglas,” she asked as she noted my similarity to the handsome man on the picture…  “Why no, hon… I have not… but I shall try it now on this wonderful summer day,” and so it appeared on the counter and then in my fridge later that afternoon.  Broughton Ales has had one other appearance on the blog with their Broughton Ales Merlin’s Ale and it didn’t do too shabby, so pretty decent hopes that this one would turn out well.

Black Douglas pours a dark ruby color with big head… a resemblence I am used to, actually… the nose is light and malty with hints of hops and the body is malty and spicy with a bitter finish.   It is a Scottish Ale for sure, but dark malt character and the spice puts a slightly different spin on the traditional Scottish Ale, leaving you with a n overall solid impression.  Nice and easy to drink, even…

You should check out their site for some of the history of Black Douglas… he was known to be a powerful knight that put his soul into battle but was finally thwarted in the end.  Good context as you drink this brew peacefully and somewhat in honor of this brave man.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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