Firestone Walker DBA (Double Barrel Ale)

A bit of a new brewery to our area (as of May 1, 2009), Firestone Walker Brewing Company (based out of CA) came to Malt & Vine the other day and between Mr. Dave and I, we picked up a few bottles.  I can’t remember whos this was but Firestone Walker DBA (Double Barrel Ale) was the first on the list to try.  Reading through their website and watching a few of the videos gave me a pretty good idea that these guys and gals are pretty damn cool… laid back, fun, and have the love of the beer.  A pretty good formula. 

So… how about the beer… in a night of IPAs and Pale Ales, we shouldn’t have tasted this when we did.  Because of the “patented Firestone Union oak barrel brewing system” this brew is super easy and mild… among some strong NW pales, though, that means less in-your-face and almost watered down.  So… this is a mild ale… no doubt about it… i recommend drinking apart from anything hoppy or it will ruin it for you.

I am planning on picking up another bottle to validate/retaste but for now, this hits Middle of the Road.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road (Pending Retaste)


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