Hale’s Ales Aftermath Imperial IPA

Hale’s Ales Aftermath Imperial IPA is a biggie… 8.4% IPA hopped like a mother… extensive use of Colombus, Cascade, and Centennial hops though-out the boil and dry hopped with Cascades… this bad boy could give a Northwest beer drinker wet dreams… lets see if that may be true tonight or not, shall we?

Pours a a somewhat cloudy dark amber color with a good sized head. Head is short lived, but that leads to a nice hop-conglomerate nose… you can definitely tell there are multiple varieties of hops used here but that isn’t a bad thing. The taste… HOLY COW… the first drink actually makes me cough… this brew is thick, creamy, and punches you in the mouth right while you are looking… second drink goes down a little better… 🙂 still smooth and creamy, thick and viscous… the hops are there from the middle of the taste to the back and you can feel it coat the inside of your mouth… the finish is bitter but in that really hoppy ‘I expected it’ kind of way… so again, not bad.

Overall this is probably one of the hoppiest brews I have ever had… and I have had a lot of hoppy brews, my friends… 🙂 This is not for the faint of heart or the mild beer drinker… this one will knock you out and have your name tattoed on its ass without blinking an eye… watch yourself.

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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