Ninkasi Radiant Summer Ale

Brought to us by our friends from Ninkasi in Eugene, OR… Ninkasi Radiant Summer Ale pours so fresh and so clean, right into my beer glass. A light, slightly cloudy orange color, this brew pours a nice white head. The nose is nice and hoppy but not overpowering. The taste is bitter… right at the top of the mouth but it doesn’t flow through to the back… the back of the taste is a little sweet, dusty, and earthy. The finish is back to bitter with the top of the mouth lingering.

A little heavier than what I would consider a normal summer ale, but this brew is tasty none-the-less. Maybe you need a little shade… not quite that sit out in the sun all day brew…

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again



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One Response to Ninkasi Radiant Summer Ale

  1. dirtbikejunkie says:

    I am gonna have to try this, I’ve been enjoying the ninkasi brews. did you pick it up at fredM?

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