Kasteel Cru Rosé

Hmmm… a rosé lager, made with Champagne yeast… in France… and imported by… Coors? Sounds a bit suspicious, but potentially light, refreshing and delicious for a hot summers afternoon, right? Well, the hot summers afternoon is here so let’s crack one open and see how it turns out.

First impression – crikey, it really is a very rosey pink colour. Very effeminate looking (and quite offputting for anyone who prefers their beer to look like beer rather than wine) it pours with a mass of bubbles and a high white head that quickly subsides in the glass, with a light and biscuity aroma that’s not entirely pleasant.  

As a lager, it fails to impress – very dry and astringent, with a slightly cardboardy taste that prompts memories of drinking disgusting bizarre cocktails of wine and beer as a teenager who knew no better. Unfortunately, this is a combination that really doesn’t hit the mark. For Kasteel Cru Rose, my first impression was right – this just isn’t good beer. Don’t do it.

JBB6 Rating: Just Not Right

Kasteel Cru Rose

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