Alaskan IPA

Getting back to some old standbyes… Alaskan IPA comes to us from what I would regard as a solid brewery… these guys up on the high country know how to make their beer… guessing there isn’t much else to do, though, so they have that advantage. ūüôā

Overall this isn’t a bad offering from the brewery.¬† Not one of their standouts, but not bad.¬† For the genre, it is a bit flat… low carbonation and very¬†mellow.¬† Hops are in there for sure, but again on the mellow¬†side…¬†their site says it is dry hopped, but I¬†can’t notice it really.¬† The finish is short and dry.¬† As the tasting continues, it does tend to grow on you.¬†

This may actually be a pretty decent session IPA because of how mellow it is.  Overall, not bad but not one that will be on my IPA list in the future given choice.

JBB6 Rating: Middle of the Road



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