Oh Happy Day #9 – Redhook Treblehook

Christmas has come early, yet again to JustBeer headquarters.  This time, Beer Santa has delivered the latest in the Redhook Limited Release Series, Redhook Treblehook.  Consistent with their new packaging and labeling Treblehook comes with a red ribbon, some fancy packing foam, and an outstanding new glass that should help the brew open up and be the best it can be. 

More to come on the tasting… and here it is.  Enjoy! 

Redhook Treblehook Barley Wine



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Official press release:

Redhook Ale Brewery Releases Small Batch of Treblehook Barley Wine

Two-Time GABF Medal-Winning Beer is the Latest Offering in Redhook’s Limited Release Series

WOODINVILLE, Wash. – Oct. 5, 2009 – Redhook Ale Brewery’s award-winning Treblehook Barley Wine is now available in 22 oz. bottles for a short time as part of the brewery’s Limited Release Series. This hand-crafted, labor-intensive ale was first introduced in 2007 and won a gold medal at the 2008 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and a silver medal at the 2009 festival.

Boasting big aromatic malts, Redhook Treblehook pours a dark gold with a velvety mouthfeel and a slightly bitter finish. Brewed in the style of a traditional American barley wine with a 10.1% ABV and 57 IBUs, Treblehook sets itself apart by playing up the hops to add depth and complexity. Dry-hopped vigorously throughout the six-month process, Treblehook’s strength comes from its ability to have a strong hop flavor while still allowing the malt characteristics to shine through.

“We wanted Treblehook to have all the classic barley wine characteristics,” said Doug MacNair, brewmaster for Redhook Ale Brewery. “We spent time getting the subtleties right, balancing the malts with a strong hop backbone to create Redhook’s take on the style.” 

While ready to drink now, MacNair encourages beer collectors to age it for one to three years to evolve and enhance the flavors.

“Barley wine is one of a few styles where it’s possible to have both exceptional flavor and long-term stability. We weren’t willing to compromise either with Treblehook,” said MacNair. “The multitude of malts and many strains of hops we used with Treblehook will change the beer as it ages, mellowing and blending year over year. I love that I can drink this now, or have an entirely different experience after I open a bottle from my cellar in a few years.”

Redhook Treblehook Barley Wine will be on shelves in 22 oz. bottles (SRP $7.99) at specialty food stores and beer markets in limited locations across the country from early October until supplies run out.

Redhook’s Limited Release Series beers are brewed by hand in small batches and are only available for a short time. The series allows Redhook’s expert brewers to experiment, take risks and produce distinct, creative and award-winning varieties. Redhook will introduce another limited release in the spring of next year.

About Redhook Ale Brewery
Redhook Ale Brewery has been at the forefront of domestic craft brewing since the company’s formation in 1981. Redhook brews eight styles of craft beer, including: Long Hammer IPA, Redhook ESB, Slim Chance Light Ale, Blackhook Porter, and seasonal offerings Copperhook Spring Ale, Sunrye Summer Ale, Late Harvest Autumn Ale and Winterhook Winter Ale. Redhook beer is brewed in its breweries: one in the Seattle suburb of Woodinville, Wash., and the other in Portsmouth, N.H. Redhook’s specialty beers are available in both draught and bottles and are distributed nationally through a network of wholesale distributors.  For more information, visit www.redhook.com.


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