Guinness 250 Anniversary Stout

Had heard this was coming out, was excited, and much to my surprise the other day at Safeway, there it was!  Picked a pack and took ‘er home and popped ‘er open and here you go.  I figure folks that have been making beer for 250 years can’t go too wrong… so dove right in. 🙂

In summary, daddy likes… in more detail, it looks nearly identical to regular Guinness from a body color/complexion perspecitve.   The head is not as creamy, but that is fine.  It is still respectable. The nose is slightly bitter and malty and this carries through the rest of the tasting experience.  I will say, though that it is overall more robust from start to finish in a really good way.  Reminds me more of a a black lager than a stout. 

In the end, a great addition to the Guinness offerings and I hope they bring it back as a standard. 

JBB6 Rating: Will Buy Again

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6 Responses to Guinness 250 Anniversary Stout

  1. Great review. Will try some this holiday season.

  2. Smitty says:

    I found this was (perhaps not surprisingly) better on tap than from the bottle. The bottle version is fine enough but all the hype of a 250th anniversary may have raised my expectations a bit too much. Your review is even-handed and on the mark, I’d say. Hope you can continue to find it as the supply has all but dried up in the Desert Southwest.

  3. Danny Guam says:

    Off topic but I just read your review of Rainier from a year or so ago and I have to say you are so wrong. Of all the american piss water beers out there Rainier if far and away the best. I can’t even stand to smell most of them let alone drink them but in my highly subjective opinion, Rainier is way better than the rest. It could be my fond memories of their incredibly creative commercials from the 70’s clouding my judgment but I don’t think so. Also, Port Townsend Gold is much better on tap which you also hated on. I will leave you beer snobs to it.

    Carry on.

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