Redhook Mudslinger Spring Ale

I was very excited to get to my new BBFF (Beer Best Friend Forever) tonight with dinner after opening the box yesterday (Oh Happy Day #10 – Redhook Mudslinger Spring Ale).  Offical tasting splendor: Redhook Mudslinger Spring Ale.

Let’s just say I was not dissappointed!  This is one of those brews that, moreso than any in the past 6 months, I really wanted a six pack with me.  Sure it has been a bit of a dry spell, but this beer broke it.  Overall = oustanding.  The nose is malty and sweet, the color is dark brown/amber.  It poured a perfect thick, rich, and creamy head with a thick body as the bubbles took a while to mill about in the glass and then finally rise to the top of the thick nectar.  The body is nutty, mild, and smooth with malt sweetness in the undertones.  And the finish is short and tight, leaving you ready for your next drink immediately.  This beer was so easy to drink yet full of flavor that it may be my new favorite session beer once I get my hands on more.  I could drink this beer all night and wish I had more… right now! 🙂

JBB6 Rating: For the Win


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