Oh Happy Day #12 – Redhook Rope Swing Summer Pilsner

We tasted this the other day at the Redhook Big Ballard Imperial IPA Release Event, but the official Oh Happy Day package came just a couple of days ago… see below in all its glory… and then below that for the not so glorious outtake with Mr. Dave.  As noted in the official tasting, this is going to be a great summer beer that looks as pretty as it tastes.  Enjoy!

Tasting: Redhook Rope Swing Summer Pilsner 

Previous Oh Happy Day posts:

Official Press Release:

This month, Redhook Brewery (NASDAQ: HOOK) will release its summer seasonal, Rope Swing Summer Pilsner.  The seasonal is brewed in a traditional Czech style and is the first pilsner the brewery has ever released.  Rope Swing Summer Pilsner will be available through July in grocery stores in 12-ounce bottles and on draught nationwide.

“Rope Swing Summer Pilsner is an excellent warm weather lager.  The beer is fermented with a yeast strain rooting back to the Czech Republic, and is aged at a temperature close to freezing for four to six weeks prior to finishing and packaging for a clean, crisp finish.  We also use 100 percent Saaz hops and unique specialty malts to ensure the style is as authentic as possible.” – Greg Deuhs, Redhook brewmaster

Alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5.3 percent, 25 IBUs


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