Redhook Long Hammer IPA – In The Can!

Do you like it in the can?  I know I do… and I met a lot more people that like it in the can at Redhook’s Party @ The Pier at the Seattle Aquarium, Monday May 7th.  At the event, Redhook’s Long Hammer IPA, now in the can for your pleasure.

It started earlier that night with a text to the neighbors, “First one to reply wins.  Redhook VIP Party in Seattle.  I leave at 8pm.  Who’s in?”

Mr. Dave was first to call but it was a school night and he wasn’t that interested.  Anthony was second… and took the challenge.  One hour later, we arrived.

The lobby was already packed.  People were loving it in the can!

So Anthony and I wasted no time in finding the nearest purveyor to give it to us in the can.  And verily, it was good.  Our first one in the can was smooth with the just the right body.  A great start to an evening of many in the can.

We wandered for a bit, threw our names into the raffles, and enjoyed the many sites and sounds of people enjoying it in the can.

There were people watching the fish while having it in the can:

People lined up to get it in the can:

And general mirth and enjoyment for all.

After having it in the can for most of the night, we were starting to wind down when lo and behold a voice from the heavens called out: “Anthony, you are a winner!”  And so he was.  Hello Redhook beer fridge, nice to meet you:

We stuck around for a bit more, grabbed more freebies and our night was done… well… not prior to grabbing a burger and fries at Dick’s.

My spread from the night was solid (don’t ask about the wig and boa):

And so there you go… after a night of having it in the can over and over again, we are happy to say that it was a great night.

Thanks Redhook for giving it to us in the can, we will take it any time!!

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I'm really just happy to be here on this wild ride we call life.
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