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Mt. Hood Brewing Ice Axe IPA

A new brew just in time for the downright blistering summer sun this weekend in the Seattle area.  Yes, blistering… we may reach a whopping 80 degrees… but don’t hold your breath. 🙂 Somewhat crappy summer aside, I have a … Continue reading

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Full Sail Slipknot Imperial IPA

A long day equals the perfect environment for beer… on the docket for tonight was Full Sail Slipknot Imperial IPA.  This is truly an Imperial IPA through and through.  It smells hoppy, tastes hoppy, and finishes hoppy…  in its most … Continue reading

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Sculler’s India Pale Ale

I love it when I come across a decent local brewery, and although the Skagit River Brewery isn’t all that close, it ain’t exactly at the other end of the the earth either. Luckily for me, their IPA at least is … Continue reading

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White Hawk Original IPA

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything from the Mendocino Brewing Company, but I really did enjoy the Eye of Hawk and the Red Tail I tipped back a little earlier in the year, and I had high high … Continue reading

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Eel River Organic IPA

Another fine weekend in the cul-de-sac and another bout of new beers to blog about.  This weekend we had an outstanding BBQ Saturday night with boneless cajun pork ribs and Kalbi Beef rib meat with a Hawaian marinad.  Tonight was … Continue reading

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Anderson Valley Brewing Company 20th Anniversary Imperial IPA

Wandering the aisles of my local supermarket in search of inspiration for Mother’s Day dinner, I was distracted for a happy half-hour by the extensive and extravegant selection of ales on offer. Hard to make a decision… so, throwing caution … Continue reading

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