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Samuel Adams Imperial Stout

Picked up a 4-pack of Samuel Adams Imperial Stout at Fred Meyer the other day.  I like me some 9%+ ABV dark beers, usually, and Sam Adams can have some tasty brews.  So there was the decision making process… 🙂 As far … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Honey Porter

Samuel Adams Honey Porter, one of the Brewmaster’s Collection, pours a dark amber with a good sized head.  The nose is sweet and malty and the body follows with the same… you don’t quite notice the English hops as noted on … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Black Lager

This one baffles me a bit and I don’t know what to think… on the one had I like it, but on the other it is just plain wierd.  Samuel Adams Black Lager is part of their Brewmaster’s Collection and comes … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

Part of their Extreme Beers collection, Samuel Adams has something special here with their Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock.  Dark and foreboding, this chocolate beer completely lives up to its name and delivers a truly outstanding experience. Smooth and silky, the … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Winter Lager

I am generally a Samuel Adams beer fan.  They have had some good showings on the blog.  This time around, though, they sadly missed the boat with their Samuel Adams Winter Lager.  I liken it to the recent experience I … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Octoberfest

The next couple of posts will be the battle of the Octoberfests… at least a couple of them.  First off is Samuel Adams Octoberfest.  This fine lager comes to us from a rather fine brewery that has had pretty good … Continue reading

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Samuel Adams Summer Ale

I have been trying to blog this beer for about a month now.  I bought a sixer back then, gave 2 away and created the draft post with just the words from the website, meaning to add my own to … Continue reading

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