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Deschutes Jubelale

I think I have recovered sufficiently to post now.  We had a heck of a “tasting session” the other night and I haven’t been able to bring myself to having a beer until tonight.  Tip of the day: if you call it a … Continue reading

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Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve

Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve was tasted last night but just getting to this as I was really, really tired for some reason.  Actually, I think it was the 4 other beers that got me there after a good night of shooting … Continue reading

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Elysian BiFrost Winter Ale

Elysian… a good local brewing company that we have seen one other beer from on this fine blog, their The Immortal IPA.  That review predated our JBB6 Rating System, but if it had been in place it would have received … Continue reading

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Full Sail Wassail

I needed a pick-me-up today… so i ventured out into the land of winter ales and picked up some Full Sail Wassail.  What a pick-me-up it is.  Full flavored, good head, but not even close to too hoppy.  At 7% … Continue reading

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