JBB6 Rating System

JBB6 Rating System©

You’ve seen the Next Generation Beer Rating System.  You have probably even started to use the system in your daily life for other things… at least I know I have.  So… in honor of the best rating system ever made, we bring you a generic version… the DugPo Rating System!!

Sick of seeing the star rating system?  Tired of rating on a 9-point scale?  Wondering what the real difference between 2.14 and 3.16 is?  Look no further, the next generation of rating systems is here.  Brought to you exclusively by Dug and Po, we give you the DugPo Rating System or DPRS.  Here it is in all its splendor:

  • Hall of Fame (HoF) – The ultimate honor, denotes that while there may be others that are ‘as good’, there are none that are better.  In general, this rating requires at least 2 of the same opinions to really make it legitimate.
  • For the Win (FtW) – This is not just your standard rating.  There is something special about what you have rated here and while not quite Hall of Fame worthy, you have really strong, positive feelings.
  • Will Buy Again (WBA) -This one is a bit flexible and should be used in the right context for what you are rating.  Will See Again, Will Read Again, Will Do Again, Will Eat Again, etc. would all be acceptable subsitutes within the rating system.  This one also doesn’t get more simple than this… ultimately, you would experience what you just expereinced again… without question.
  • Middle of the Road (MotR) – Not necessarily good or bad.  Nothing differentiating.  Nothing special.  Probably won’t recommend it.  Probably won’t experience it again.
  • Just Not Right (JNR) – Whatever normally provides us with warm and fuzzy feelings was missed here.  Just doesn’t cut it.  It is highly likely that you won’t experience this again or recommend it to anyone that isn’t your enemy.  If held at gunpoint, though, you would choose this instead of the gun.
  • Not Even for Free (NEfF) – Reserved for those really, really terrible experiences, products, etc. out there.  This is perfectly applicable in many cases but shouldn’t be used lightly.

And there you have it.  Ultra exclusive, ultra hip, ultra perfect.  This is the rating system to end all rating systems, so don’t look any further.

Examples of the system being used:

You just went to the movie and watched The Dark Knight.  You were super-pumped about how well the movie brought the characters to life and kept you on the edge of your seat.  Because of these wonderful feelings, you know you would watch it again, but you are also likely to buy the movie on DVD and tell all of your friends about it.  Instead of trying to explain that to them, you tell them about the DugPo rating system and proclaim – For the Win!  No additional words required.

Other places this works:

  • Restaurants
  • Women/Men
  • Cars
  • Amuzement Park Rides
  • Bars
  • Mixed Drinks
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • etc.

If you would like to utilize this rating system for any particular reason, please contact dugpark@hotmail.com.  Depending on the use, there may be royalties and/or licensing required.

3 Responses to JBB6 Rating System

  1. musingmonkey says:

    I like your rating system. A nice combo of utility and humour :))

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