Shopping List

I wish there were an easier way to do what we want to do here, but for now it will just have to be a suggestion…

If you are planning a party/get together/event/etc. and you don’t know what beer to buy, simply click on the following links, print the pages, and take it to the store with you.  You can’t go wrong with any of the suggestions and your friends/family/strangers will appreciate you for it.

  • JustBeer Blog Hall of Fame – the ultimate honor.  Reserved for only those truly outstanding beers out there.
  • For the Win – the rating that a beer would get if you were at the store shopping for beer that you wanted to impress your guests, friends, family, or neighbors with.  You would vouch for this beer and consider it a special treat if it were in your fridge.
  • Will Buy Again – while you wouldn’t necessarily buy this to impress anyone, you would buy it again because it just tastes good.

    At some point, one of us will make this a simple single page you can print… but we are both too busy drinking beer so it will have to wait.


    6 Responses to Shopping List

    1. Robert Schultz says:

      I need to buy SPaten by the keg and I live in San Saba Texas. Where can I purchase same please.


    2. dugpark says:

      That is a tough one… if I were you, I would contact them. Here are the details:

      Western US:
      Spaten West
      280 Harbor Way
      South S.F., CA 94080
      Phone: (650) 794-0800

      Let us know what you find out!

    3. frank strycharsk says:

      Try ” PACEMAKER POTER ” along w/h the others,brewed in OAK HARBOR,WA. ~ WHIDBEY ISLAND ~ TONY SAVOY BREWER

    4. Greg Darrett says:

      Where can i get a hold of a case of mississippi mud beer. Im in Brookings OR.

    5. rommel says:

      where can i buy san meguel beer im from rhode island

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